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Niche Finder Mobile Software review & bonus Niche Finder Mobile Review – My Honest Opinion

Niche Finder Mobile Software review & bonus

Niche Finder Mobile Review – My Honest Opinion

Hey, Sarah Lucy here :)

Thanks for checking out my blog and welcome, you’ve come to the right place if your looking for a comprehensive review of the Niche Finder Mobile, which is created by none other than Internet Marketing and programming expert Brad Callen.

This is review website: click here to visit Brad Callen’s “Niche Finder Mobile” Official Website

It happens so often that I feel ‘there should be an app for that!’ especially, when I need something like a color’s exact name, or the Spanish word for ‘beauty’, or I am fed up with some of the annoying features of apps I use. The niche finder mobile tool was an impressive little product I found useful in my quest.

The tool master Brad Callen’s Niche Finder Mobile is on its way to be a popular tool. Personally, I am more than glad to get it at a reasonably low price compared to what I was being asked to pay for more or less similar products.

The thing I liked most about the niche finder mobile is it generates all the relevant data for you to interpret from. For instance, it gives you the number of available similar apps; that is those apps showing related keywords. It does not just give you a difficulty rating for your intended keyword and leave you questioning the reliability of the proposed rating. The color difficulty meter of this niche finder, is compatible with the extent of competition the particular store presents, and you can correlate the two factors.

The tool does not tell you if you should go for a particular keyword or not. It presents to you the relevant data and leaves you to judge for yourself.  I also gained an idea of how my product should be different than those available. The niche finder mobile also gives ratings for similar apps in use. It was easier to decide which features I should include in mine, and which to drop.

Click here to visit Brad Callen’s “Niche Finder Mobile” Official Website

The niche finder mobile is expressly focused on mobile marketing. It is not an analytic tool, so anyone trying to use it as one is going to be gravely disappointed. What it manages to do is propose a business plan, if you will, telling you the niches you should concentrate on, and the ones you would be able to do without.

It does not give you any more information like, your app analysis, or the monthly variation of hits on keywords. I guess for people looking for a more comprehensive research pattern including title generators or links to other Web optimization tools, it will be a bit of a letdown. But it works for me. Extra information would have just ended cluttering it.

The domain name research feature of the niche finder mobile is a nice touch. For people looking for keywords that are included in already established domains that rank, it is a great aspect which will allow them to buy the desired domain names.

Click here to see the product I’m talking about

The app worlds have a lot of empty space and are not excessively explored like the web. The Smartphone’s on the go age is just the thing to invest in, and that is what the niche finder mobile is based on. I do not need anything more from it than a decent direction to work on. Ultimately I am only looking to make myself richer!

How This Software Can Help You?

With every other person talking nonstop about online marketing, there’s a potential area of projection that has been left uninhabited. And that is exactly what makes it so special; the inviting world of mobile marketing.

If you’re thinking of entering the mobile market and wouldn’t mind it if you make a lot of money out of it, you are thinking along the same lines as the maker of Niche Finder Mobile, Brad Callen.

One of the best things to like about this little tool is that it walks you through the niche finding process step by step. It’s extremely user friendly, so much that any newbie to app making can find his way around.

The prominent feature of the Niche Finder Mobile is obviously the keyword generation. But the good thing is, it doesn’t just generate a bunch of irrelevant keywords for your intended app and leave you to figure out the rest of factors like the app’s potential or user response.

Along with the related keywords, Niche Finder Mobile also generates the number of hits for each keyword; so, it’s apparent to you which keyword use is most likely to occur. The tool’s smart enough to know it’s not the only factor you have to consider if you want to rank in the major app stores.

Click Here If You Want To Visit Brad Callen’s “Niche Finder Mobile” Official Site

So, your next step is to go through the difficulty level of keywords, which the niche finder mobile indicates using the number of apps already available for the keywords. The color coded difficulty meter and the ratings for the available apps help you decide which keyword to focus on. The keywords relate to both android and iphone OS separately, so you know what kind of user group you are targeting.

Another interesting and so far unique feature the niche finder mobile has is it enables you to find domain names with your keywords and the best part is it can also look up expiring domain names for you. There’s the head start you were looking for!

As exciting as the features are, what matters is you make money off your app. The research tool helps you direct your efforts the right way resulting in more hits for you and your product, which should equal to more money in your pocket.

With beauty, there come the flaws.  Though the niche finder mobile is a neat search tool, it’s not for big-time users who are way into extensive SEO. For instance, it lacks the ability to check an app for traffic.  Another bummer is it’s mostly useful for daily use apps, like vegan recipes, or tie knots. It’s hard to use it for widely used app types like messengers, photo edits, etc. Also, granted it covers major operating systems, it doesn’t cover the entire app market.

All in all, the Niche Finder Mobile focuses on helping you find your target niche thoroughly.

And it doesn’t hurt your bottom line that the tool is available at half the rates, as compared to other similar tools available.

A Useful Article About Brad Callen’s Mobile Keywords Finder

Brad Callen’s Niche Finder Mobile Software is the best tool for finding a profitable mobile Niche Market. If you are an Internet marketer, Adsense Marketer, CPA Marketer, a small business owner that sells own products or have a blog and you want to drive targeted traffic to your site where people buy some products. If your answer is yes then this is the right and best niche finder software that will guaranteed generate huge real money for you.
What Brad Callen’s Niche Finder Mobile Software can do for you?

There are many free niches keyword research tools that you can use for researching a keyword for example Google Keyword Research Tool but you do so much hard work for finding a keyword for your niche market.

Click here to visit Brad Callen’s “Niche Finder Mobile” Official Website

This keyword research tool is totally designed for a newbie that do not know how to compete in the market and get #1 in Google Top Ranking. Brad Callen’s Niche Finder Mobile Software is so much simple and easy to use that everyone can handle it easily. You can find low competition keywords that have high targeted traffic easily, its means you save your time and money both which you waste in researching a keyword.
Why Often Webmaster Fails to Get #1 on Google Top Ranking?

Often webmasters fails why because they don’t do research on keywords that is related to their niche, they only use famous keywords that are already have high competition in the market and many people use the same keyword for example “weight loss” is so much famous keyword if a new webmaster use this keyword in his site, he can’t be able to achieve number one ranking in Google.
Features of Brad Callen’s Niche Finder Mobile Software:

    Enter a keyword. Press “Start” and Niche Finder Mobile  Software will uncover the most profitable niches literally in seconds!!
    See exactly how many reviews you need in order to rank in the top 10 in the app stores!
    Niche Finder Mobile Tool is super simple, yet powerful. You can get stats like;- Green (means low competition)   - Yellow (means moderate competition)   - Red (means stay away!)

    View the top 10 apps for any keyword phrase!
    Quickly see estimated monthly MOBILE search counts for each keyword!
    Find exact match domains for all of the keywords instantly, and you can even purchase directly inside the software!
    Quickly see estimated daily & monthly search counts for each keyword!
    Filter your keyword list to calculate how many daily searches you can expect to get with the low competition keywords you find!
    Take a low competition keyword and drill down into it by generating an unlimited number of long tail keywords based on the seed keyword you selected

I recommended Brad Callen’s Niche Finder Mobile Tool that automatically found relevance mobile niche keywords that has targeted traffic but has also low competition in the mobile market. So you can achieve your Google top ranking in just few days and get thousand of dollars each month.

Dominate a Mobile Market By Using Niche Finder Mobile

If you want to dominate a particular niche you must look hard and long to find one that doesn’t have stiff competition. Niche Finder Mobile is the resource that does all that powerful mobile market research for you and delivers the “good stuff” to you.

The principle behind discovering a niche you can take over is to recommend affiliate products. Because you will be the chief player in this niche, you’ll be the market leader in selling your related affiliate product.
So, just how does Niche Finder Mobile in reality work to locate niches for you?

The first thing you do is to enter a word or phrase. Niche Finder Mobile fetches related phrases that contain your word or phrase along with (LSI) associated phrases. It also returns the number of monthly searches and the intensity of the competition for each phrase.

One of the easy to use factors in favor of Niche Finder Mobile is the color marker for the strength of competition indicator. A green dot indicates a phrase that is simple for you to dominate. Yellow means proceed with caution. And, red means there is a high level of competition and you might as well leave that phrase alone.

The intensity of competition (SOC) values are not simply the number of competing websites. Rather, this number takes into account a number of factors including the Google page rank of competing sites as well as the page rank of pages from other sites linking to the competing site, as well as site authority, number of incoming links and other features. With any other product you’d have to consume a lot of time calculating the intensity of competition for each keyword phrase.

The effortlessness of determining your competition is perhaps the chief advantage in using Niche Finder Mobile software. This capability is unmatched in the niche location industry. It saves you time and provides a clear indicator of a superior niche. It makes your life easier.

When you’ve discovered a potential niche phrase, Niche Finder  Mobile will help you discover affiliate products you can use to monetize your niche. You can promptly find Clickbank products, Amazon products, other affiliate programs or do a Google search for affiliate products related to your niche phrase.

Hot Trends is another feature of  Niche Finder Mobile that displays 1000′s keyword phrases that are currently hot on the search engines. This often reveals new products that have just been introduced and have very little or no competition. You can look for these products at Amazon within Niche Finder Mobile. You’ll usually be able to find the product on Amazon. With littler or no competition and a commission, you’re in business.

Brainstorm is yet an additional capability that returns 25 currently hot products you can affiliate with and earn a commission by promoting them.
Niche Finder Mobile is regularly being updated and improved. When you acquire Niche Finder Mobile you’ll automatically qualify for all forthcoming upgrades.

If you are sincere about finding rewarding mobile niches, examine Niche Finder Mobile today.

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